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Spin 'n Press is dedicated to serving your washing, dry cleaning and ironing requirements keeping in mind three distinct principles : Quality, Pricing and Schedules.
We have addressed these three areas with rewarding solutions and experiences for our customers.
The quality of our service is consistent as we use the best imported technology and superior washing formulae's.

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We understand the metropolitan person's mentality and have built our service around their expectations. At Spin N Press we understand that our customer does not have the time for surprises, nor the tolerance for error in their fast paced city life. Our prices are highly competitive starting at just INR 70!!

Unlike other online app based dry cleaners, where services are outsourced; at Spin N Press every step right from pick up to processing to packaging to delivery is done by the Spin Press team in-house.

While the management of Spin N Press works hard to ensure that our quality standards are always kept up, if you feel a lapse or an oversight; feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact us page and we will rectify the issue for you, pronto!

Dry cleaning starting at INR 70, a free pick up and drop facility from the location of your choice, additional services such as starching and stain removal at no extra cost and laundry rates cheaper by up to 30 per cent compared to your traditional dry cleaner. Spin N Press is really true value for your money!

Our goal at Spin N Press is to provide the best dry cleaning solution, yet be gentle on your fabrics ensuring the longevity of your precious garments. With the use of the latest technology via imported laundry machines and specially developed washing formulae's, we are ready to revolutionize the way laundry is done.

Another feature of our service that makes us stand out is the Spin N Press app. No more driving to or waiting in lines at the laundry. We are offering a laundry service customised to your needs and time.

The goal at Spin N Press is to make the process of managing your laundry needs extremely convenient. How do we achieve that?

Our state of the art app, allows you to place an order within seconds at your convenience from a location of your choice. All you need to do is signup on our mobile app, available both for Android and iOS, and schedule a pickup. Our pickup personnel will be at your residence during the time slot chosen by you, post which your clothes will be itemized and a notification of your order will be sent to the App. Your clothes will be delivered - fresh, laundered, clean, ironed and packed. That's not all; you can check the entire process live on your app!

The Spin 'n Press mobile application is available for both Android and IOS. Download it today!

Laundry so good, you'll be delighted!

Spin N Press Android and iOS App