7 Tips to help you look after your silkwear

Silk is synonymous with elegance and style in the clothing world. Silk is a fine, soft lustrous fibre that has rightfully been dubbed The Queen of Fabrics. It offers immense comfort, is extremely soft to touch and is very easy on the skin. However it is to be noted that silk has to be cared for and treated with a sensitive pair of hands. It pays off to go the extra mile and not rely solely on dry cleaners and laundry services near you.

Here’s 7 tips that will help you maintain the fresh look.

1. Dry Clean Your Silk

An excellent way to maintain the softness and lusture of your silk is to dry clean it right after you’ve worn it. The benefit of dry cleaning is that it helps in dissolving the oil and grease from the silk in a way that water can't. Dry clean by carefully using measures to prevent the loss of colour, shrinkage etc. this will give your silk clothing a near fresh appearance.

2. Rinse in cold water

Remember to always rinse your silk garments with cold water instead of hot while washing. This will add a few years to your fabrics lifespan. Hot water is rough on the material and will cause damage to it over the years. Cold water in contrast helps the silk last longer by helping it retain its shape, size and colour.

3. Use an appropriate detergent

Read the label on the detergent carefully before you proceed to use it for your silk. The material being very delicate, it is advisable to look for detergents that say they are suitable for silk. Heavy laundry bleaches are very aggressive and should be avoided at all cost.

4. Do not spot-treat

Just like you can’t spot reduce body fat, you should not attempt to spot treat the stains on your fabric. For instance if you’ve accidentally spilled something on your silk garment, refrain from just isolating the stained part of it and washing just that as that portion will appear lighter and faded. It's better to wash the whole piece which will help maintain its original look.

5. Smoothen out the wrinkles

Wrinkles and crease marks post washing, can make your clothes seem worn out and look older. Hence by steaming out the wrinkles, you solve this problem. All you have to do is simply iron them on low heat with the garment turned upside down after it is completely dry. You can use a steam press service every once in a while if there's a huge pile of clothes to be ironed.

6. Dry in a shaded place

Do not dry your silk fabric directly under the sunlight as it will look dull and fade faster. Silk should ideally be dried in an area that is well protected from the sun. An area with some shade is best suited. It will keep the material new and shiny.

7. Avoid exposure to alcohol

Avoid any spillage of perfume or hairspray onto your silk garment. The alcohol content in it can be damaging and can weaken and discolour the fabric, thus giving it an old appearance. However, careful avoidance of hairspray, body spray and perfume on the material can keep the silk looking new for a long time.


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