How to Care for Your Winter Wear!

Unlike Londoners and Parisians, we Mumbaikars wait for winter and welcome it with a warm mug of coffee. When the temperature dips below 20 degrees around December and January you’ll find yourself wanting to walk out in the evenings near some promenade by the sea. Come April or May summer slowly sets in and your task at hand now is to preserve your winter wear. It is important that you care for your winter clothes properly when packing. Packing away winter clothes doesn’t just mean tossing them away in a corner, it has to be done bearing some tips in mind. Storing those sweaters, coats & jackets will take a little time and planning but it's manageable and essential to do.

1) First, clean them up.

We don’t really sweat much in winter clothes which isn’t to say that we don't need to wash them thoroughly. That sweater you wore 5 times needs to be washed regardless of whether or not any dirt or stain is on it. For all you know it may have caught something by just hanging in your closet for months. Insects get attracted to smell and dirt and they could breed onto your woolen clothes. Also, your scarves should be hand washed at least twice a month, during the winter season. Woolen coats and jackets require gentle wash at the beginning and end of each winter season. Since dust and dirt particles can stick to such clothes, it is better to clean them every now and then. You can use a dry-cleaning service near you.

2) Seal them using plastic bags.

Your winter clothes will spend a good 8-9 months in hibernation and won't come out till the winter season arrives again. The least you can do is to seal/pack them properly so that no insects damage the fabric. You can simply use plastic bags that are very economical in nature and are an excellent way of storing expensive winter clothes. It is advisable to store your sweaters and coats in plastic bags with some naphthalene balls inside them. If the sweaters are heavy, fold them instead of hanging in the closet.

3) Separate delicate items

Like with any other fabric, delicates and whites in wool need some extra care too. Pack them separately and more carefully. Cashmere should be stored in pure cotton bags. After that, you can store them in the plastic bags. Whites should be kept separate because you don’t want other colors to bleed onto them if any moisture seeps in the storage bags.

4) Don’t hang sweaters.

Fold and store sweaters instead of hanging them. Wool is delicate and stretchable. Hanging your sweaters can make them lose their shape. The hangers can even cause shoulder dimples which look unpleasant. You don’t want your expensive sweater to turn ill-fitting just because you left it hanging. Also, don’t stuff too many sweaters together in one bag. Wool needs some breathing space to stay warm and fluffy so give it that!


The cold weather tends to make us lethargic as we want to stay back at home and laze about. We should not neglect our daily chores but rather continue to do them regardless of the season or our mood. Using an online laundry app is one way for you to continue to get the job done when you don't have the time.



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