How to keep clothes long lasting

There is a famous saying that says that 'we don't just wear clothes, we wear memories'. For many people, clothes are not only a way to portray style, but a way to carry memories, recall places, acknowledge people and celebrate many happy anecdotes of the past. Our closet can be our happy diary and it's of utmost importance that these pages aka items of clothing last long and stay with us forever.

This article will guide on how to keep your clothes long lasting and will probably take you down the many memory lanes.

Focus on Laundering
Every piece of cloth has a tag on the neck or down the seam of short that provides instructions that designed to make your clothes last longer. These tags provide information about the fabric and what kind of cleaning it requires on what temperature.

Use colour safe bleach
Is there a more frustrating feeling than the one when your precious garments are ruined by bleach? While bleach helps keep your white garments whiter, the major downside is that it can also stain your coloured clothes and damage delicate fibres. In order to prevent this damage, you should swap your regular bleach for a colour-safe bleach, that is also more gentle on your fabrics. If you have happened to spill red wine, juice or something coloured on your favourite garments then colour bleach will ensure that the stain leaves and the cloth looks brand new. Many laundry services use colour bleach regularly to ensure the customers feel satisfied and confident in their service.

Wash Dark Clothing Inside-Out
Dark-wash jeans, black blouses, and other darker material can fade in the wash, particularly as it constantly rubs up against other garments. Always get your washer-safe dark clothes laundered inside-out in order to ensure that they hold their colour. But before laundering them make sure you wash the metal separately, buttons and zippers so that they don't damage the fabric or themselves.

Iron with care
When you iron your garments, essentially you’re using heat to loosen the fabric fibres and press them flat. Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance you can end up burning or yellowing the fabric if you’re not doing it properly. Using too much heat on delicate fabrics can completely ruin them, so make sure you always use the right heat level for the type of fabric you’re ironing.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that you can end up damaging your garments by either burning them or yellowing the fabric if the ironing is not done properly. If you use a heat setting that is too high for a particular type of fabric, you can completely ruin that fabric, hence ensure that you always use the right heat setting according to the type of fabric you are ironing.

We realise that many irons have different levels for various fabrics on the heat dial, but here’s a general guide for you to follow in order to keep your precious garments safe and damage free!

Linen: 230° C

Cotton: 205° C

Viscose/Rayon: 190° C

Wool: 150° C

Acrylic: 135° C

Polyester: 150° C

Silk: 150° C

Acetate: 143° C

Lycra: 135° C

Nylon: 135° C

Fabrics that require more attention are sometimes difficult to iron home, hence must be given to an expert for proper care. You can request a pickup for either steam press services or ironing services from the Spin N Press laundry app!

Proper storage

Every cloth requires a different kind of storage, this fact is unknown to many but one must:

- fold heavy sweaters and keep them on a shelf and not on a hanger

- button the clothes that have buttons and zip the clothes with zippers

  • give clothes breathing space

We believe that clothes are a portrayal of happy memories. Be gentle with them, take care of them, be careful because if you do, you never know how many more memories your precious clothes can bring you.


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