How to keep your activewear fresh

Quality activewear is almost never reasonably priced even when if it's just clothing that gets beat up and dirty every time you wear it. But it is an investment to one's health. This type of clothing usually sees more wear and tear than any of your other garments whether it’s in a kickboxing class or you’re just wearing your workout gear for a quick yoga session. Also, because you’re perspiring much more than usual, it needs to be washed every time you wear it unlike jeans or your favourite jacket that can be washed after a couple of wears. Taking care of your workout gear doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Just follow a few simple steps and your clothes will stay and look and fresh.  

Wash your clothes as soon as possible
One of the main factors that cause fabrics to deteriorate is dirt & sweat. It is important to note, that in order to avoid the breeding of odour causing bacteria, you must ensure that garments with either dirt or sweat should not be kept in heat, sweaty or dark places such as laundry hampers or gym bags for too long. By this, we mean to do no more crumpling up your clothes in a pile after your workout. If possible, toss your workout clothes in the machine as soon as you get home. It this isn’t a viable option for you, it is better to hang dry your clothes before you proceed to toss them into a laundry hamper!

Avoid harsh detergents
When it comes to delicates, including activewear, choose a detergent that is natural or free of harsh surfactants that can strip colour from your garments. Also, try a formula that is packed with essential oils to keep your workout wear smelling fresh.

Avoid usage bleach
Not relying heavily on bleaches and fabric softeners will exponentially help you in maintaining the lifespan of your workout clothes. While properties of bleach can fade colours and break down lycra fabrics that are often found in your active workout gear, some fabric softeners can leave a film on your activewear. While the softening coating may seem great at first for a fluffy towel, it can prevent the fabrics from doing what they’re supposed to and may actually contribute to added bacteria. We at Spin N Press understand that your clothes are special and require some delicate yet expert treatment. You can avail for our premium dry cleaning services by requesting a pickup from our laundry app!

Gentle wash is always better
Whenever possible, try to hand wash your activewear garments, especially sports bras. Shoes too should be gently hand washed. Our recommendation is that you use a laundry bag to keep these more gentle garments separated from the other items in your wash, the exact same way you’d do it for your undergarments in order to preserve its lifespan. You can always use a dry cleaning service if you were too caught up with work and have a pile of activewear to wash as our expert solutions are easy on the fabric and help maintain the longevity and texture of your precious garments.

Keep it cool
The best washing treatment for activewear is cold wash cycles high temperatures can cause shrinkage or the deterioration of tech fabrics that are frequently found in activewear. Also, workout gear tends to be either black or of some vibrant, and using cool water to wash these colours will help prevent clothes from looking faded or washed out.

Always hang till dry
Hang drying your clothes is far superior to using a dryer for just one main reason: it reduces shrinkage of your garments drastically. Hanging your clothes or laying them flat to dry will also help maintain their shape.  

When all else fails, treat your workout clothes the way you’d treat a fancy sweater. By utilising the steps we have provided you in this article, you will ensure that your precious activewear lasts for extended periods of time—and you’ll get your money’s worth.


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