How to prolong your footwear!

In primitive times footwear would protect our feet from any sharp objects, but now they do much more. Shoes provide the perfect finish to any outfit we wear, moreover we’re often judged by the pair of shoes we own as they tell a lot about a person’s style and taste. It’s not uncommon for us to stretch our budgets a bit and splurge on shoes that look amazing. Now it only makes sense that we look after the shoes we buy so that they don’t wear out too soon. If things get out of hand you can always avail the services of a shoe laundry or shoe cleaning service near you.

1. Waterproof your shoes

Before putting on your shoes for the first time and then stepping out, treat them with some waterproof spray. Materials like suede and nubuck are very susceptible to moisture and waterproofing them should not be avoided.

2. Removing stains

If you have stains on your shoes, then you should immediately wash them with lukewarm water and some mild detergent. Also remember to wet the shoe evenly or spots will start to appear. Remove stains from textile materials by using mild detergents or baby shampoo. Use a brush for removing any mud that’s on your leather shoe and in case that doesn’t work then use a damp cloth. Avoid using soap as much as possible. If the stain simply does not come out despite your best efforts, seek help from your preferred shoe laundry service near you.

3. Dry your shoes

Allow your shoe to dry out slowly once the stains have been removed. In order to speed up the drying process, stuff your shoes with some old newspaper and place them in a warm area. Do not in any way attempt to dry them out too soon because that will lead to cracks in the leather. Refrain from keeping it on a hot device like a radiator.

4. Look after your shoes

After your shoes have been dried and cleaned, polish them well, preferably with a cream that matches the colour of your shoe or using transparent cream. The general rule of thumb here is that less is more. A thin layer is enough, don’t forget the soul of the leather. To achieve a fresh look, complete the care by polishing your shoe with a soft cloth. Stay away from any from of grease or wax.

5. Clean the insoles

If you want to instantly freshen up your shoes, you can simply clean the insoles. Wash the insoles using a mild solution and dry them with a cloth. Do not wring the insoles out as they will lose their shape.

6. Change your shoes regularly

In order to extend the lifespan of your shoes, you need to give them a break from time to time. Usually shoes need a break of 24 hours before they are completely dry again. If your feet are prone to excessive sweating, you should give your shoes an extra day to dry out.


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