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Can Dry Cleaning remove stains

In life, through various random situations, circumstances and scenarios we can come across stains (of any type) on our clothes at any given point. We understand that removing these stains is a necessity, for good grooming and looking smart. Most people opt for dry cleaning services from an expert cleaner in an effort to try and get these pesky stains removed. But the real question is, can dry cleaning remove these stains?

There are various kinds of stains that a thorough dry cleaning process can remove such as:

Tannin Stains:

These stains are the most common and are mostly comprised of water-based stains arising from products such as wine, tea, alcohol, coffee and more. Since most of these stains have other ingredients present in them such as sugar or dairy, they require some additional attention.

Oil or Grease Stains:

These stains are very hard to remove especially at home, but not hard for expert dry cleaners. These stains are usually caused by cooking oil, motor oil, butter, food items and skincare products such as lotion & hair products.

Stains caused by Proteins:

Such stains are usually caused by organic materials such as blood, sweat, meat, dairy and eggs. Spin N Press, through our cleaning process, use enzymes in order to “digest” such stains and try and remove them completely.

Dye Stains:

Dye stains usually comprise of vegetable dyes (grass & fruit) and ink dyes (pens).

In most instances, stains cross over with each other into multiple categories (mentioned above) and become combined stains. For example, a coffee stain comprises of both protein and dye stains. In order to ensure that your dry cleaner can attempt to remove the stains from your garments completely, follow these instructions:

  • Do not store your stained clothes
  • Once you’ve identified the stain and have sent it for dry cleaning, tell your dry cleaner exactly how the stain was caused as this will determine the appropriate treatment process required for your garment.

For after your clothes have come back from a stain removal procedure:

  • Keep the care labels as a guide, in case of any doubts or queries on how to wash.

To conclude, dry cleaning services can remove stains, but it all depends on how long it has been present on the garment. Not all kinds of stains can be removed completely but can be reduced and made less visible.

Removing fresh stains for an expert dry cleaner is a relatively easy task, but sometimes it is not always possible to send your garments for dry cleaning the moment you notice stains as you may not be in a place where it is possible to do so. In order to remove stains from non-washable fabrics, you need to take your garments to the dry cleaner as soon as possible in order to have the stain removed. In such instances, we here at Spin N Press, are specialist dry cleaners in Mumbai and even if you are in a scenario where you cannot send your stained garments for dry cleaning services, you can download our laundry app and simply request a pickup at your preferred day and time at the very the moment you notice this stain. We will be at your doorstep to collect your precious garments!


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