Dry Cleaning

What is the Key Difference Between Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Laundry and dry cleaning are two cleaning methods that are used to remove the stains and other spots on garments. These two processes are very different even though they have a common purpose which is to remove stains. Some clothes are meant for dry cleaning only and, likewise, other fabrics are designed to be laundered only. We at Spin N Press aim to inform you of the key differences between dry cleaning and laundry.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a more advanced method compared to the Laundry as it requires innovative technology to clean fabrics without using water. The process involves the use of special solvents to clean fabrics. After applying the solvent, the clothes are dumped into a machine to be washed while being tumbled. Some fabrics are specifically instructed to be cleaned using this method.

During the process, the solvent itself will be eliminated, filtered and then recycled. After which the clothes are put in machine specialized for dry cleaning. The clothes would then be steamed and ironed and any crease marks present would be eliminated, thus completing the dry cleaning process.

A few key benefits of dry cleaning.

  • Using dry cleaning services drastically reduces the decolorization of clothes.
  • Grease and oil stain that would not be easily be eliminated by wet washing will effectively come off through the process of dry cleaning.
  • Regular usage of water can lead to shrinkage of clothes. Dry cleaning preserves the original condition of the fabric.
  • In general, your clothes will have a longer lifespan since the whole process is gentle on the fabric.


Laundry Cleaning

This is the normal method of washing that uses regular water. It is also called wet cleaning and is used for a majority of fabrics. In this method, the garments are immersed in water and cleaning agents like soap and detergents are used. Some  laundry service providers may use softeners as a way of protecting the clothes. The clothes here are similarly tumbled into a machine. Then the detergents and other cleaning agents come into play and help in getting rid of all the dirt and stains. The water is then extracted by the machine or separate dryer. Once they are dry, they will be pressed and steamed to get rid of the creases and soften the fabric.

The method may be conventional but it still has its share of benefits. 

  • It is safe for the environment. With his method, chemicals aren’t used.
  • It is more economical and uses regular water and some detergent.
  • Some dry cleaning processes may add sweet smelling fragrances to the fabrics at the end to the garments which makes them smell a certain way, but in laundry processes, you avoid this.

 Be it Dry Cleaning or Laundry, regardless of what type of garment you send to Spin N Press, we ensure that your garments receive the love, care and precise treatment required.


Spin N Press offers you Premium Dry Cleaning, Ironing & Shoe Cleaning services. We are dedicated to serving your washing, Dry Cleaning & Ironing needs keeping in mind three distinct principles: Quality, Pricing & Schedules.

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