5 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets Year Round!

Most business and homeowners only think of getting their carpets cleaned once or maybe twice a year by a professional carpet cleaning service. Carpets being an expensive purchase are expected to be worth every penny we pay for it. If you expect them to last long they must be cleaned regularly. There are many different benefits in keeping your carpets clean. Professional carpet cleanings should be a part of your regular home maintenance. Carpet cleaning does not only make your home more aesthetically pleasing but also carries benefits you might not be aware of. Below are five such reasons to have your carpets cleaned year-round.

1) Cleaning increases the lifespan.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year can really help extend the life of your carpet exponentially. If the carpets are frequently cleaned with the help of the extraction method, it can significantly prolong the life of the carpet and secure your investment on floor covering. The knowledge, expertise, and techniques of a professional carpet cleaner will ultimately help prolong the life of your carpet.

2) For health purposes.

The purity of air inside the room we are in directly plays a role in how healthy we are. A little less known fact is that carpets too are involved in this equation. They help secure the air quality indoors. Carpets have the property of trapping the pollutants that are airborne. Nonetheless, these pollutants from the carpet must be removed regularly so that the carpet continues to regulate the air quality indoors. Indoor air quality is a major issue, especially if you suffer from asthma or some kind of allergy. Dust and allergens that trigger asthma or allergies can easily get stuck in carpet fibers and cause problems. To avoid these issues, keep up with a monthly maintenance and get your carpets cleaned.

3) To reduce deep stains and spots

None of us like spots and stains, do we? In that case, cleaning your carpet year round can result in the removal of stains and spots. You could protect the carpet from getting damaged, by removing these stains thoroughly from a carpet cleaning service.

4) Cleanliness affects your mood too.

Even in our workplaces, it is important that we have our carpets cleaned thoroughly. Needless to say, our surroundings can definitely affect our moods. A nicely maintained environment in the workplace can enhance the morale of the worker. Employees feel better about his or her surroundings when it is neat and clean. This will positively affect the mood and lead to a better work efficiency. And by the environment, we are also talking about the carpet which should be cleaned.

5) Regular carpet cleaning maintains the carpet's warranty.

Every carpet comes with a warranty. If the warranty of such carpets is supposed to be maintained, it is essential we keep the carpet in good condition. Many of the carpet warranties require that the extraction method must be used to clean the carpets within a particular amount of time. Hence, it only makes sense that we maintain it regularly so as to keep the warranty alive.

Since carpets are an expensive investment it only makes sense that we ensure regular maintenance in order to have good, clean surroundings and to prolong the longevity of our carpets. 



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