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The goal at Spin 'n Press is simple. To bring a convenient and professional online laundry service to a country that has never seen laundromat culture while not compromising on the average metropolitan resident's time or attention. The challenge is to make the process of your managing your laundry and simple and invisible to you as possible. How do we achieve that?

The answer is technology. Our website and mobile application make doing your laundry as simple as sending out an e-mail or booking a flight ticket. Both, the website and the mobile application require a one time registration which helps you place an order, cancel and order, pay online or refer to past orders. At the click of a button, a pick up boy shows up at your residence to pick up your garments and a predefined time period later, he's back with your laundry neatly packed, clean, ironed and fragrant! Paying for your orders is actioned with a prepaid online account which customers may choose to fund for varying amounts. No matter what the amount, we give you free credit with every recharge! It's that simple!

The Spin 'n Press mobile application is available for both Android and IOS. Download it today!


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