We take individual care of each of your machine washable laundry items.


We provide starching treatments as required, light or heavy.

Dry Cleaning

We provides superb, eco-friendly dry cleaning for your garments.

Steam Press

Bored or simply no time? Enjoy your free time, Spinnpress irons all your clothes .

Free Stain Removal

A stain on a delicate piece of clothes? Trust us to wash it with care and efficiency.

Timely Delivery

The clothes are deliverd back to you in the best packaging possible.

No Minimum Order

You can experience our professional services without any restriction of minimum order quantities.

Online Payment

Conveniently recharge your account online and avail up to 15% discount.




    T-Shirt Rs. 60
    Single Bed sheet Rs. 60
    Double Bed sheet Rs. 77
    Saree Rs. 119
    Salwar Rs. 60
    Ladies Top Rs. 60
    Kurta Rs. 64
    Jacket Rs. 119
    Waist Coat Rs. 77
    Trouser Rs. 60
    Sherwani Rs. 170
    Shawl Rs. 60
    Petticoat Rs. 60
    Gown Rs. 170
    Dress Rs. 64

    Dry Cleaning

    Winter Jacket Rs. 339
    Waist Coat Rs. 111
    Trouser(w/Starch) Rs. 106
    Trouser Rs. 98
    Tie Rs. 64
    Table Mat Rs. 56
    Table cloth Rs. 102
    T shirt Rs. 81
    Sweater Rs. 111
    Soft Toy (S) Rs. 85
    Soft Toy (M) Rs. 170
    Soft Toy (L) Rs. 256
    Sofa Cover Rs. 382
    Socks Rs. 51
    Single Bed sheet Rs. 89
    Shorts Rs. 68
    Short Skirt Rs. 77
    Shirt(w/Starch) Rs. 94
    Shirt Rs. 81
    Shawl Rs. 204
    Scarf Rs. 111
    Saree Plain Rs. 195
    Saree (M)Work Rs. 297
    Saree (H) Work Rs. 424
    Salwar (w/Starch) Rs. 102
    Salwar Rs. 85
    Quilt/Bed Single Cover Rs. 111
    Quilt/Bed Double Cover Rs. 170
    Quilt Single Rs. 238
    Quilt Double Rs. 382
    Pillow Cover Rs. 56
    Pillow Rs. 111
    Petticoat Rs. 89
    Party Dress Rs. 255
    Long Skirt Rs. 89
    Lehenga (M)Work Rs. 339
    Lehenga (H)Work Rs. 424
    Lehenga Rs. 234
    Ladies Top Rs. 81
    Kurta (w/Starch) Rs. 98
    Kurta (M)Work Rs. 191
    Kurta (H)Work Rs. 276
    Bath Robe Rs. 110
    Apron Rs. 68
    Kurta Rs. 81
    King Bed Sheet Rs. 182
    Jeans Rs. 98
    Jacket Rs. 195
    Gown Rs. 424
    Gloves Rs. 68
    Chair cover Rs. 68
    Cap Rs. 68
    Blanket (Double) Rs. 318
    Blanket (single) Rs. 212
    Hand Towel Rs. 70
    Bath Towel Rs. 76


    Sport Shoes Rs. 399
    Leather Shoes Rs. 500
    Ladies Boots Rs. 750
    Kids Footwear Rs. 297
    Canvas Shoes Rs. 399
    Suede Shoes Rs. 399
    Heels / Sandals Rs. 399

*Rates exclusive of applicable taxes