How to preserve your clothes during the rainy season

While humid air is a part of everyday life, the rainy season makes a much larger impact on the clothes we wear. Damp clothes are like a banquet for germs and insects, allowing them to grow and multiply. Leaving wet clothes in your cupboard might spell doom for your entire wardrobe. Unless you have a laundry pick up and delivery service at your beck and call, you are the only one responsible for your clothes. Here are some solutions that you can put into practice today to avoid such a fate.

Dry clothes

To avoid long term effects on clothes that have gotten wet in the rain, they should be aired out as soon as possible. Coming home and dumping your clothes in the laundry basket to be sent out to the dry cleaners encourages the growth of bacteria and mold. It is essential to hang up your clothes and permit ventilation and air flow if they cannot be cleaned immediately. Your cupboard and storage area must also be kept dry at all times. Rub your cupboard down with a dry cloth to ensure that there is no humidity or mildew in there. You can also store naphthalene balls along with your clothes to take away some of the excess moisture and keep your cupboard dry and safe.


If you live in a place that is naturally humid and tends to get worse in the rainy season a dehumidifier is your best bet. A dehumidifier will not just deal with the humidity in the air, it will also help your clothes dry much faster. During the monsoon you can take some pressure off and rely on expert dry-cleaning services like Spin N Press to wash, iron and dry your precious garments for you, instead of you dealing with a fresh load every week.


Once you are done with initial care and washing routines, you must turn your attention to proper storage.

You can ensure proper storage and space for the fabric to breathe with the use of cotton bags. These bags are natural, lightweight, hygienic, acid-free and durable. The fabric itself is low maintenance, easy to wash and quick to dry, making cotton bags the perfect method to store clothes. Most dry-cleaning services in Mumbai use plastic bags to store your clothes, which can be harmful to your clothes if you leave them in there for extended periods of time.

Use these tips to ensure that the rains don’t have a lasting effect on your clothes, allowing you to continue wearing your favourite outfits long after the season has passed. Stay stress-free about those inevitable stains by relying on Spin N Press and their online laundry service to pick-up and drop your clothes at the press of a button.


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