How to select the correct wash cycle for your clothes

Different clothes require different cleaning methods. Simply throwing your delicates into the washing machine with heavy wool fabrics can spell disaster for both clothes. This isn’t made any easier by the vast array of options on your washing machine. Thankfully, your favourite dry-cleaning service is here to help. Here are a few ways to understand the wash cycles on your machine and which option is correct for you. The factors to consider when choosing your wash cycle is the load size, water temperature and cycle setting.

Load size

An accurate way to understand what cycle you should be using is by estimating your load size. The measurements are as follows:

  • Small load: Approximately one-quarter full.
  • Medium load: Approximately half full.
  • Large load: Approximately three-quarters full
  • Extra-large load: At full capacity.

How full your washing machine appears determines the setting you should choose. Unless you use an online laundry service to do it for you, this will be the load size and setting that you will have to stick to.

Water temperature

The correct method of washing your clothes is provided on your clothing label. You can check out our guide for a quick refresher on this topic. In the past, it was believed that if you want to deep clean your clothes you should wash them in hot water. However, that is no longer true, as some of the fabrics today can be damaged by hot water. The correct way to determine the temperature is:

  • Cold water: This is the best temperature for dark coloured and delicate clothes. Cold water will not harm any type of fabric, making it the perfect choice for lightly soiled clothes that are worn daily. 
  • Warm water: This temperature is best for synthetic and permanent press fabrics. It is also effective at removing stubborn stains such as oil and dirt. 
  • Hot water: Hot water can serve two different purposes. It can be effective at cleaning white cotton fabrics that are worn regularly such as socks, underwear and bedsheets.  

It can also help take care of heavily-soiled clothes such as overalls, work jeans or even a child’s play clothes. Hot water should be reserved for cases where it is more important to remove the stains than protect the colour.

Cycle setting

There are 5 popular types of wash cycles that can be used. 

  • Delicates: This setting provides a lower speed and shorter wash cycle to prevent stretching and ripping of fabric. It is generally used for delicate and fragile clothes such as lingerie, lace and silk.
  • Speed wash: This setting has a shortened wash cycle and a high-speed spin to shorten drying times. It is recommended for clothes that you wear regularly and has not been stained or heavily soiled.
  • Permanent press: Permanent press is best for synthetic and blended fabrics. It is used to remove wrinkles and creases from button-down shirts and pants.
  • Rinse and spin: The rinse and spin is a cleaning cycle that takes place without the use of detergent. It simply rinses the fabrics with water and spins them to remove the moisture.
  • Normal: This cycle is generally reserved for cotton fabrics with an average amount of use. The cycle combines high-speed washing and high-speed spins, making it harsher on clothes than other cycles.

This guide is an effective way to recognize which wash cycle is correct for your clothes. However, it does not address dry-cleaning, hand cleaning and the more complicated settings on modern washing machines. Instead of trying to learn all of these yourself it is much easier to leave the job up to a professional laundry and dry-cleaning service in Mumbai like Spin N Press. Knowing that your precious garments are in the hands of professionals who will give them the right care gives you the time and freedom to focus on your happiness.


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