Ironing or steaming Which one is right for your garments

Regular upkeep of clothes is a task that everyone has to do. To keep your clothes looking crisp and sharp you can use both ironing and steaming to get rid of unwanted wrinkles. Ironing and steaming both use heat to smoothen wrinkles, and yet both of them give you different results. Here is a quick comparison to help you find out which one is right for you and your garments.


Ironing consists of using a flat, hot and almost triangular surface on your clothes to apply heat and pressure to them and remove all wrinkles. This transfer of heat can set your shirts and jackets perfectly, making them look like they have been serviced by professional dry cleaners instead of at home. You can find a traditional shirt ironing service quite easily and get your clothes ironed there. Not just that, most irons that can be bought these days have both ironing and steaming options.

Although time tested and effective, ironing can be a time-consuming process. Unlike steaming, to begin the process of ironing you will need an ironing board and a mat to iron your clothes. Ironing is not as simple as picking up iron and moving it over a shirt if you are not careful you might hurt yourself or others while ironing. Leaving the iron on the cloth for too long might burn or permanently damage your clothes.


A steamer directs hot steam at your clothes to help relax the fibre in your clothes. A steam wand is held a certain distance away from the clothes resulting in a quicker and much safer process of removing wrinkles. Steamers are ideal for soft and delicate fabrics like silk, polyester and satin. You can steam your clothes at any time of the day, in fact steaming your clothes after wearing them for a day will lead to your clothes being cleaned and will also get rid of the odour. Unlike the traditional ironing process, a steamer already has a place for you to hang your cloth while steaming it. Steaming is also a much faster and an easier process to learn and go through.

However, the results you can get after steaming are not as good as the results you would get after an ironing session. Stubborn wrinkles are not easy to get rid of with a steamer and might just remain entirely. While steaming is faster than ironing if you have a large number of clothes to go through it can get tiring. To steam your clothes you need to hold your steaming wand upright which can make it start to get heavy in your hand.

Which one should you choose?

Even though irons and steamers serve the same purpose the service they give and their experience is quite varied. The true answer is that there is no one size fits all. Steaming is better for delicate fabrics while ironing is better for formal wear. For service that suits your needs, you can hire a professional steam press service like Spin N Press to do the job for you. Spin N Press offers ironing services and steam press services so that you and your clothes can get the treatment you wish for. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?


Spin N Press offers you Premium Dry Cleaning, Ironing & Shoe Cleaning services. We are dedicated to serving your washing, Dry Cleaning & Ironing needs keeping in mind three distinct principles: Quality, Pricing & Schedules.

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