Packing tips for your summer trips

School’s out and summer vacations are just around the corner. We bet you can’t wait to feel the sand under your toes and the sound of the waves crashing against one another. The best part of our vacations are the trips where you forget what time it is, how much you spent and even where your phone is. We all need trips like these to give us the break we need. To ensure that you stay in vacation mode on your vacation here are some things that you should figure out before you even leave home.

Check the weather

The first thing you need to do while packing is to check the weather. Does it tend to rain often? Carry an umbrella. Gets cold at night? Carry warm clothes. We are often too excited about our trip and forget such a simple step. Checking the weather before packing saves you from having to face any unseen emergencies during your vacation.

Plan your outfits

When going on vacation it is normal to want to carry clothes for every eventuality. Instead it is much better to go with your gut and select a few outfits that you know you will want to wear. Pack light and let the heavier items be your shoes and other beauty and skincare products. Planning your outfit also allows you to get your shoe cleaning and dry cleaning services out of the way before you need to leave.

Essentials bag

On vacation we tend to overlook minor details and focus on the bigger picture. While this is a  great mindspace to be in during vacation, it leads to many lost chargers, phones and other essential items. To avoid such disasters make sure to carry an essentials bag with you at all times. Generally this bag should contain a waterproof carry bag, headphones, tissues, water bottle, an eye mask and other things you might need during the day.

Prevent spills

In the summer we tend to carry liquids like sunscreen, bug repellant, water bottles and other toiletries. These liquids create the possibility of overflowing and creating a mess. To deal with this, you can simply place all of your creams in a large ziplock bag. When it comes to water bottles you can cut out a piece of plastic wrap and cover the opening of the bottle and seal it with a cap.

You should always pack for your destination and not according to the holiday essentials list. Only you know what is essential and what is not. With these simple tips in mind you will successfully prevent most emergencies that generally pop-up during vacations. The most important thing to remember on vacation is to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy your time off as much as you can.


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