DIY Tips for old clothes

How often are we motivated to discard old clothes sitting in our wardrobe? Even though we know how to get rid of old clothes responsibly, we rarely take the time to go through these clothes and donate or recycle them. On the other hand, a new dress or bag is always enticing and makes us want to go out shopping. Here are some DIY tips to take care of your old clothes and also gain some new ones in the process without breaking the bank.

Old T-shirts into quilts

Let us begin with the most common item in all wardrobes - old T-shirts. This DIY preserves the sentimental value of old T-shirts while keeping you snuggly and warm. Apart from old T-shirts, you will also need strips of cloth to serve as the borders, a soft internal stuffing known as the batting and a large cloth to cover the back of the quilt. To begin, get your old T-shirts out of the wardrobe and use a laundry pick-up and delivery service to get them all cleaned. Next, lay all the T-shirts down side by side next to each other with the front facing up. You can measure the quilt you currently use to accurately judge the height and width of your new quilt. Cut the shirts into the size you require and set them down next to each other. Use a sewing machine to sew the T-shirts together. Sew a border on all 4 sides of the quilt and add a vertical or horizontal slash between T-shirts to keep them together. Finally, add the internal backing, the external batting and any other decoratives you want on your brand new quilt. You now have a T-shirt quilt ready to snuggle with.

Hat from a sweater

A felted sweater is the best material to create a winter hat from. To shrink and felt your old sweater toss it in the washing machine with detergent, a pair of rubber flip flops and set the machine to a hot wash and cold rinse. The rubber and detergent will felt the wool and the changing temperature will cause the sweater to shrink. Cut off the sleeves of the sweater and cut it along the seams to get the raw materials for your hat. Do the same to the torso part of the sweater, cutting it at the seam. Cut off the thick ribbing at the end of the arms and torso pieces and put them aside. Next, you will need a stencil to cut out parts that are the right size from your material. Place an 8-inch circular dish on a piece of cardboard to get an accurate circle, then cut it out. Measure and cut out a rectangle of 13*6 inches from the same cardboard. Place your stencils on the wool and trace a circle and rectangle of the same size. Sew together the edges of the woolen rectangle and then sew the brim of the cap on. Use the ribbing you set aside earlier to line the hat and make it comfortable and decorative. You can also line the outside of the hat with a fleece strip and decorate it the way you want.

Feel like DIY is a lot of work? Your favourite online dry-cleaning service has the answer. Spin N Press has partnered with Goonj to make donating clothes as simple as clicking a few buttons on the dry-cleaning app. Initiatives like Green by Goonj were created for the sole purpose of recycling urban discard. Donate old clothes to Goonj through Spin N Press and browse their product catalog to get yourself a trendy and environmentally friendly bag. Once you decide to recycle your options are unlimited.


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