Easy ways to maintain your shoes during the monsoon

The monsoon can be a boon or a curse based on the day you’re having. While it was fun to play in the rain as a child, it can be troublesome when you’re you’re on your way to a big meeting and you end up with mud on your shoes. Even though you know how to preserve your clothes during the rainy season now, you might still worry about your shoes getting ruined. With these simple tips in mind you won’t just take care of your shoes, but also get them looking as clean as any shoe cleaning service in Mumbai can.


  • Dry your shoes


The most important tip to remember is that if your shoes are wet you need to dry them as soon as possible. Choose a breezy spot or place them under the fan to speed up the process. Do not leave your wet shoes near an air-conditioner, as doing so will keep them cold and damp instead of drying them. It is necessary to let your shoes dry before you consider sending them to a shoe cleaning service. Wearing wet shoes is highly discouraged as this can cause infections.


  • Clean your shoes


Regularly cleaning your shoes is necessary to extend their lifespan. To clean your shoes correctly you should allow your shoes to dry and then use a brush to remove the dirt and mud stuck on top. Once the debris has been cleared, create a mixture of warm water and detergent to soak your shoes in. Be sure to separate your laces from your shoes before soaking them. Next, wash your laces and shoes out with regular water and allow them to dry. Do not mindlessly throw your shoes in the washing machine as this might result in more harm than good. If you do not wish to go through this process yourself you can make use of expert dry-cleaning services like Spin N Press and restore your shoes to their former glory.


  • Pamper your shoes


To get the most out of your expensive shoes it is important to regularly clean, wash, dry and pamper them as much as you can. Invest in a shoe care kit and remember to remember to regularly brush or polish your shoes. Make good use of shoe cleaning services in Mumbai and make your shoes stand out. Go the extra mile you will find your shoes returning the favour.

The final step in your shoe care routine is proper storage. The correct method of storing your shoes is to line them up and allow them space to breathe instead of throwing them in a heap. Your storage space must remain dry and clean at all times to prevent growth of mold and fungus. Storing them in an open and ventilated space also allows them to retain their original shape, thus looking good and extending their lifespan.


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