How to extend the shelf life of your shoes

Shoes are the piece of clothing that ties your outfit together. Both genders wear them and care about how their shoes look. Follow these simple tips to keep your shoes in top shape and extend their shelf life.

Protect your sole

The sole is the most essential part of any shoe. If you don’t spend time on taking care of the soles of your shoes you may find that the sole has grinded down in as little as 4 - 6 months. To protect the soles of your shoes you can opt for sole guards or visit a cobbler and have protective 

rubber soles fixed to them. In the same way, you can add heel protectors to protect any elevated heels. Shoe laundry services like Spin N Press do provide minor repairs along with cleaning your shoes, however, prevention is always better than cure. 

Swap shoes

This simple tip is an easy way to keep your shoes fresh and healthy at all times. Rotate your shoes regularly, never wearing the same pair twice in a row. This gives your shoes time to breathe and return to their original shape. You can also take this opportunity to send different 

pairs to the shoe cleaners and maintain an effective rotation among your shoes. This method also keeps the possibility of your shoes smelling bad at bay. Wearing different shoes to extend the life of your favourite pair is a simple yet effective tip to remember.

Use a shoehorn

Invest in a shoehorn early to help out with each type of shoe you own. Leather shoes change shape with pressure. If you try to put your shoes on without a shoehorn you might end up putting excess pressure on your heel and changing the shape for good. This same tip applies doubly so for suede. Suede shoes are a lot more malleable, making the use of a shoehorn a necessity more than a recommendation. 

Just like different types of clothes every shoe type requires different care methods. Most shoe cleaning services in Mumbai understand this and have the knowledge required to care for them. Do not be afraid to rely on professional help to take care of your shoes. It is only when you take care of your shoes that they will be able to return the favour.


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