Ways to take care of different types of shoes during the monsoon

Different types of shoes require different care routines. Regular polishing is necessary to keep your leather shoes healthy, but all a pair of suede shoes need is some light brushing from time to time. While we have already looked at ways to maintain your shoes during the monsoon, this guide dives further into individual types of shoes and the right method to care for them. A shoe cleaning service will always do the job for you, but here are some tips to make you the first line of defence against any monsoon damage to your shoes.

  • Leather monsoon care 

Unless it can be helped you should avoid taking your leather shoes out during the monsoon. If they do get wet in the rain it is important to take them off and allow them to dry naturally. Avoid using a hairdryer or any other artificial methods as this may lead to the material drying too much and cause cracks in the shoes. Excess water can also be dealt with by wiping the shoes down with tissue paper and stuffing them inside with newspapers. Allowing your leather to stay wet can lead to mould growing on your shoes. In such a scenario it is best to visit a shoe laundry in Mumbai and let them take care of it. Once your shoes have dried you should remember to always store them in a cold and dry place to keep them safe.

  • Suede monsoon care

The best way to dry suede shoes is with the help of a microfiber towel or a tissue. The goal is to soak up the water before it causes patches by drying up. In this case, a hairdryer is your best friend. Once you have blotted away the excess water you can use a hairdryer along with a brush to ensure that your suede shoes have dried completely. If you were unable to dry your shoes in time you can apply a layer of cornstarch or talcum powder to the affected area. Allow the powder to dry overnight and clean it the next morning with a brush. With these steps, you will find that the spot is now gone without requiring a shoe cleaning service.

  • Sneakers monsoon care

Water damage to sneakers can simply be brushed off by hand. With a pair of sneakers, a bigger pain point is the mud that gets caked to the bottom. If your sneakers have been caked in mud then the best course of action is to allow the mud to dry. Trying to clean muddy shoes while they are still wet leads to dirt and mud seeping into the pores of your shoes and affecting the fibres. Once the shoes have dried, scrape the mud off with a shoe brush or a toothbrush. Take this a step further and rub off any remaining dirt with a clean cloth. Regularly cleaning your sneakers is a great way to keep them in good shape.

Professional shoe laundry services in Mumbai have different processes in place for each type of shoe. While you might be able to provide first-aid to your shoes, the best way to preserve them is by relying on professionals. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy the rainy season in peace, without worrying about your shoes.


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