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Busting popular washing and dry cleaning myths

It feels like we’ve been doing laundry since the dawn of time, and yet it never gets any easier! Instead, over the years we have come up with many myths that people now pass around as fact. Read on to find a few of the most popular washing and dry cleaning myths busted.

Myth #1 - Adding more detergent will make your clothes cleaner

This myth is probably why online laundry and dry cleaning services exist. The truth of the matter is that if you use excess detergent it stays behind as a layer of soapy detergent on your clothes. This layer can actually stop water and soap from getting through to the fibers and making your clothes clean. To avoid this you can simply send your clothes to Spin N Press, whose expert process leaves your clothes dirt and dust free every time.

Myth #2 - Dry cleaning is actually ‘dry’

Hearing the words ‘dry cleaning’ might lead you to believe that dry cleaning is a completely dry process. Instead, the process of dry cleaning uses chemical solvents as a substitute to water to clean your clothes. The solvent might be a liquid but it does not penetrate the fiber the way water does. This is also why dry cleaning services are much better at preserving the quality of the cloth when compared to traditional laundry.

Myth #3 - Washing sweaters will ruin their texture

Machine washing wool will damage your sweater and potentially ruin their texture but that does not translate to never wash your sweaters! You can use any dry cleaners in Mumbai to do the job for you, or you can hand wash them yourself at home.

Myth #4 - Hot washes clean better than cold washes

Hot washes are great for killing bacteria and cleaning heavily soiled garments. Unfortunately, hot washes can also cause discolouration, ruin certain fabrics and lead to shrinkage. Instead, you can get clothes just as clean with cold water and the right amount of detergent.  

Myth #5 - Cleaned clothes should be stored in dry cleaning bags

While laundry pick-up and delivery are great services that make our lives much simpler, most people tend to leave their clothes in these laundry bags and only remove them when they have to wear them. The truth is that while these bags are good for carrying clothes, leaving them there prevents the clothes from getting much-needed ventilation. Clothes trapped in dry cleaning bags lead to the persistence of odor and the oxidation of stains, making them more visible. Your cleaned clothes should be removed from their airtight containers and strung up on hangers and inside cupboards.

Armed with this information you now have a much better understanding of how dry cleaning works and can use this in your daily life to help treat your clothes better.


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