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How to get your clothes to look as good as new

What we wear not only affects how others perceive us but also how we perceive ourselves. If you have ever worn a brand-new suit or squeaky clean shoes and felt your confidence levels skyrocket then you are not the only one. Don’t worry, there is a way to keep wearing clothes that feel crisp and new without relying on professional ironing services or emptying your wallet. Follow these tips to preserve and prolong the life-cycles of your clothes and make them feel like new every time.

Tips for men

Most men take the utmost care of their clothes while wearing them, but immediately forget about them when they’re in the laundry or in the cupboard. The time we spend washing, drying and storing our clothes is just as important as the amount of time we spend wearing them. For menswear it is necessary to read the care labels and understand the right processes for washing your clothes.

While most online laundry and dry cleaning services like Spin N Press know exactly the kind of care your clothes require, you will have to learn the proper care routines for each individual item. Refrain from using warm water to wash your clothes as warm water breaks fibers down quicker, causing colours to fade. You should also make it a habit of segregating your clothes by colour to preserve the original dye. Delicate items like ties should not be washed unless absolutely essential, and even then, they should either be dry cleaned or hand washed.

Tips for women

From washing dresses to lingerie, women’s clothes have too many laundry rules. For women's wear it is important to not rely on machine drying to dry your lingerie and other delicates. The heat from the machine dryer will ruin the elastic on these clothes, leading them to weaken quicker and eventually deteriorate. To store your leather items it is important to hang them, as folding restricts airflow and does not allow the material to breathe. To take it one step further you can also treat yourself to a bag cleaning service and extend the life of your handbag. When hanging clothes it is important to leave space between clothes and allow for breathability. Carelessly stuffing your bras in a drawer is a practice that leads to weakening of the delicate material.

Tips for shoes and bed linens

Apart from your clothes, your shoes, bags and drapes also require proper care for a longer life. For prolonged and professional care you can hire shoe cleaning and carpet cleaning services. A simple tip to maintain your shoes at home is to store them standing upright. This way you can maintain their shape and get an immediate look at all your shoes. Washing your bedsheets too often makes their colour fade quicker. To retain their original colour longer, soak your bed sheets with vinegar and salt in cold water along with fabrics of similar colour.

Clothes require special care and attention to maintain their longevity. Spin N Press provides this service by treating each individual fabric in a careful and unique manner. With their affordable dry-cleaning price lists and in-house technologies, you can be certain that your clothes are in professional hands that utilise the optimum solutions to extend their life span.


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