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How to lower energy and water consumption in the laundry room to reduce bills and save the environment

A single washing machine eats up about 10 percent of a home’s total electricity use. Not just electricity, these machines also require time, attention and gallons of clean water. Today we bring to you simple tips that allow you and your family to reduce energy consumption and help save the environment along the way.

Wash with cold water

Hot water is generally used to wash clothes that are stained or soiled. However, an estimated 75 to 90 percent of the energy used by washing machines is spent on heating water. This means that relying on cold water for all your washes can make a noticeable impact on your energy bill. Coldwater can be just as successful at washing stained clothing when paired with high-efficiency detergents. Cold water washes are also gentler on clothes, thus extending their life-cycle, reducing wrinkles and saving you precious ironing time.

Use an energy-efficient washer

Unless you operate a laundry and dry-cleaning service you probably don’t know how to identify an energy-efficient washing machine. While there are many washing machines in the market there are 2 main types - front-loading and top-loading. A front-loading machine is much more efficient than the common top-loading machines. Front-loading machines use approximately 50% less water than a top-loading machine. To take this a step further and identify a washing machine that saves energy along with water you should look for Energy Star certified machines. The higher the star rating, the more energy the machine saves. Avoid plugging in the machine for small loads as the amount of energy used will be the same no matter the size of the load.

Professional dry-cleaning

Professional dry-cleaners treat cleaning clothes as a science, innovating with new techniques and solvents to give customers the best service possible. Instead of water and detergent, an eco-friendly dry-cleaning service uses environmentally friendly solvents such as hydrocarbons and liquid carbon dioxide to clean your clothes. Dry-cleaning saves water, helps the environment and also removes stains better than normal laundry. If you’re worried about steep dry-cleaning price lists than dry-cleaners like Spin N Press can ease that worry. Their competitive prices and generous reward system make it a difficult offer to turn down.

Apart from dry-cleaning services, there are other measures you can take at home that cost you nothing. Take the time out to clean your machine, airing out the dryer vents to give it unobstructed airflow. Avoid using the extra rinse cycle option on your clothes by using the correct amount of detergent. Skip a machine dryer and rely on line drying to dry your clothes. Apart from being free and eco-friendly, line drying is also a lot more gentle on your clothes. Follow these simple steps to save money, energy, water and also help the environment along the way.


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