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The Importance of Shoe Cleaning

Quality shoes are a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Both men and women can like and appreciate a good pair of shoes. Having good looking and clean shoes say that you are a person who cares about their appearance and takes care of themselves. While it has decreased over time you can still see shoe shiners sitting by the side of the road ready to make your shoes sparkle. If shoes are such an important part of our wardrobes what steps can we take to give them better care?

The benefits

Regular cleaning and upkeep of your shoes help them last longer. Most shoe laundry services in Mumbai also provide minor repairs. Deep cleaning and maintenance of shoes reveals any wear and tear in its early stages and helps you prevent it instead of trying to cure it.

As all shoe lovers know, shoes can be quite expensive. Buying a brand new pair of shoes every time your old shoes get dirty is unreasonable. Getting your expensive shoes cleaned every month is a much cheaper option that also allows you to keep wearing the shoes you love.

Regular cleaning of your shoes helps you avoid shoe odour. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day makes them smell bad over a period of time. Getting them cleaned regularly saves you from such a fate.

The right way to clean your shoes

To know the right way to clean your shoes you need to understand the different types of shoes and the different methods of cleaning them. There are many who would rather just give their shoes to dry cleaning and shoe cleaning services like Spin N Press than learn and apply shoe cleaning tips themselves.

Leather shoes

To clean the debris off leather shoes you need to rub a mixture of equal parts water and equal parts white vinegar over stains. Once your shoes are dry rub them with a soft cloth. Contrary to what you might think, shoe shine is not always required to buff your leather shoes.

Canvas shoes

To clean your canvas shoes you need to use a brush to wipe off any loose dust and dirt. For the next step, you can either use a washing machine or fill a bucket of water and add 2 cups of detergent to it. While a washing machine would be faster, there is a risk of damaging your shoe. Our personal recommendation is to use a shoe laundry near you, simply find a shoe laundry in Mumbai that can get the job done safely and without damaging your shoes. If you used a bucket to clean your shoes you will now need to use a scrubber to scrub away any impurities still stuck to the shoe. The final step is to leave your shoes to dry.


To clean a pair of sneakers you need to apply nail polish remover or vinegar to a cotton ball and then use it to wipe away stains from your sneakers. Next, you can use a toothbrush to scrub your shoes with a solution that is one part bleach to five parts water. Finish off by rinsing your sneakers with warm water.

Shoes are the final accessory that all outfits need. Follow these simple tips and you will be the one whose shoe game everyone looks up to.


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