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Wedding dress preservation tips all brides should know

Your wedding dress might be the most precious outfit you wear in your entire life. Just like your wedding memories, the gown should also be preserved and cherished forever. To care for such a precious garment you will not settle for anything but the best dry-cleaning service available. Here are simple tips to care for your wedding gown before and after your wedding and preserve it for years to come.

  • Budget for it

Always have a plan for any potential wedding dress mishaps. Have a budget for alterations, spot-fixing or even a prompt wedding dress cleaning service that you might require. The worst-case scenario is to have a mishap on the day of the wedding and having to search for a dry cleaner that is still open. Instead, have a professional take a look at the dress early and have a plan for mishaps. This will ensure that your wedding dress looks just as beautiful on your wedding day as it did on the day you chose it.

  • Time is of the essence

Once the wedding is over you need to continue taking care of the dress to make sure that it stays pristine over the years. In such a scenario, time is of the essence. The sooner you can get the dress to a preservationist or a dry-cleaning service the better. If you delay this process, stains that formed during the wedding will take a week to permanently damage the fabric. If you are going on a honeymoon immediately afterwards then leave someone in charge of getting the dress to the cleaners.

  • Store it well

Once the dress has been cleaned, it is time to store it. Your wedding dress should never be hung and stored on a hanger or stored in a dry-cleaning plastic bag. Instead, you should use a professional wedding preservation box or a wooden wedding chest to store it. A wooden chest allows your dress to stay dry and cool at all times. Leaving it space to breath is the right way to store your wedding gown instead of hanging it.

Some final tips to keep in mind while preserving your wedding dress is to always use white cotton gloves when handling them. You can also get a soft brush to brush off any lint or dirt that might settle on the fabric. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your gown or the delicate fabric might be irreversibly damaged. Rely on professional cleaning services such as Spin N Press to provide the right care for your wedding gown. Nothing but the best will do when it comes to caring for your wedding gown on your special day.


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