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What happiness means to us

There are a lot of things in the world that can bring a smile to our faces. A plate of cookies, a favourite song, a good time with friends, or even a fresh set of clothes that have just returned from the dry cleaners. We at Spin N Press hope to bring you this joy on a regular basis by taking care of all your fabrics and dry cleaning duties. Nothing is more important to us than preserving your smile, because we believe in spreading smiles, one steam at a time.

Who we are

Spin N Press brings happiness to your doorstep at the click of a button by providing laundry, starching, dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, steam press and carpet cleaning services in Mumbai. We function with three distinct principles which are quality, pricing and schedules. Using top of the line processes at competitive prices, Spin N Press takes care of your clothes without you needing to leave the comforts of home. Understanding the love and attachment you have for your clothes, we provide each fabric with the individual care and attention that it deserves.

Clean clothes

What you wear does not simply determine how others perceive you, it also influences how you perceive yourself. Looking good allows you to feel good and confidently face any challenges life throws at you. Use our shirt ironing service to add the final touch to your outfit. Not just your clothes, Spin N Press also takes care of all your linens and upholstery, making your home a happier place to live.

Happiness delivered

With the launch of the Spin N Press dry cleaning app, you reduce your laundry time to a mere 25 seconds. Download the app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store and complete your registration. Select your preferred time and date, enter your address, then sit back and relax as we pick-up and deliver your clothes for no additional delivery charges. With no minimum order and an industry first reward system you can be certain that you receive superior value on every order you place.

Apart from providing superior value to customers, we believe that giving back brings happiness as well. Our tie-up with the NGO Goonj allows us to take your old clothes off your hands and put them to good use for the less fortunate. We take your old clothes, wash, iron and repackage them to be sent off to the rural areas of our country. Contributing to Goonj gives users a feeling of joy and happiness to emanate from the inside. We at Spin N Press believe in going the extra mile and truly delivering happiness, one steam at a time.


Spin N Press offers you Premium Dry Cleaning, Ironing & Shoe Cleaning services. We are dedicated to serving your washing, Dry Cleaning & Ironing needs keeping in mind three distinct principles: Quality, Pricing & Schedules.

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