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What is eco-friendly dry cleaning

Green dry cleaning or eco-friendly dry cleaning is dry cleaning without the chemical perchloroethylene. While this chemical is a great cleaning agent, it has numerous side effects.  The effects caused by perchloroethylene in humans are troubled breathing, kidney dysfunction, headaches, dizziness and even increased cancer risk. Most dry cleaners still use ‘perc’ as it is an effective solvent when it comes to cleaning clothes. An eco-friendly dry cleaner is one that uses alternative dry cleaning methods instead of relying on ‘perc.’

How to identify an eco-friendly dry cleaner

To understand how to identify an eco-friendly dry cleaner we need to better understand the dry-cleaning process. Dry-cleaning does not have to be exclusively done by chemical solvents. Popular alternatives are wet cleaning, liquid carbon dioxide cleaning, silicone-based solvents and DF-2000 Hydrocarbon solvents. To identify eco-friendly dry cleaners you need to look at dry cleaning services that offer alternate methods to clean your clothes. Apart from traditional laundry methods let us take a closer look at each of these cleaning processes.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide cleaning

This method uses liquid carbon dioxide as a cleaning solvent along with detergent to clean your clothes. Liquid CO2 is a non-toxic solvent that is much safer than harmful chemicals like ‘perc.’ 

To use liquid carbon dioxide to clean clothes, the clothes are placed in a machine that resembles a traditional dry cleaning machine. The ambient air is then sucked out of this machine to make space for carbon dioxide. The cleaning drum is injected with carbon dioxide in both gas and liquid forms. After the clothes have been cleaned the liquid CO2 is pumped back into a holding tank for reuse. This process requires less energy than traditional dry cleaning as no solvent needs to be heated up.

Silicone-based solvents

The most popular alternative is the use of liquid silicone-based solvents such as decamethylcyclopentasiloxane or D5. D5 is a colourless, odourless and non-toxic solvent used in a closed-loop system. Studies also show that silicone-based dry-cleaning is just as effective as perc at cleaning clothes, making it the preferred solvent for many dry cleaners.

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning uses water and specialised laundry products to clean your clothes. These products are milder than the ones that can be bought from general stores. This method makes use of computerised washers and dryers to deliver a product that is cleaner than traditional laundry. It is the safest method used by any dry cleaner as it does not produce any hazardous chemicals or toxic waste.

DF-2000 Hydrocarbon solvent

The DF-2000 Hydrocarbon solvent is made from petroleum. It was created with standards of health, safety, cleaning and commercial practicality in mind, making it a popular alternative that many dry-cleaning companies rely on.

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