Curtain care tips

Maintaining pristine bed linens and flawless curtains show just how much you care about your home. While most people tend to wash their bed sheets regularly, a vast majority forget about their curtains. This leads to dirt and dust building up and the curtains deteriorating over time. These curtains not only shield you and your family from the weather outside, they also add style, comfort and privacy to your home. They deserve a lot more than the occasional visit to the dry-cleaners. Here are simple things you can do today to take care of these unsung heroes.


  • Combat dust


Your curtains biggest adversary is everywhere, but still invisible to the naked eye. While dust build-up might seem like a minor complication, over time this leads to fading colours, the build-up of irritants and the darkening of curtains. Unless you send your curtains to the dry-cleaners regularly, this invisible enemy is sure to have made a home in your curtains. The easiest way to avoid this is to remember to vacuum your curtains every month. Use a handheld vacuum with a soft brush attachment for this task as a normal vacuum would be too powerful. Ensure that your drapes are secured before you begin vacuuming.


  • Different types of curtain fabrics


Different fabrics require different care routines. Unless you own a laundry and dry-cleaning service you probably cannot differentiate between the fabric types. Here is a list of popular curtain fabrics for you to refer to and identify your own curtain.

  • Cotton is a versatile fabric that lends a crisp and clean feel to your curtains, making them appear modern or traditional, based on their design. As cotton is an inherently light fabric, the curtain needs to be properly lined or have a tight weave for it to successfully block sunlight.
  • Nothing says luxury quite like silk. Silk is chosen for its aesthetic appeal rather than its functionality. While it will look fabulous in your bedroom, the cloth is highly susceptible to sun damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays should be avoided.
  • Linen is a natural fibre that creates an airy, billowy and relaxed environment. Linen curtains are exactly what you need if you’re looking for curtains that pool on the floor. They will not however protect you from the sun very well. 
  • Polyester curtains are durable, affordable and easy to care for, making them a common curtain choice. Polyester curtains don’t wrinkle, stretch or shrink over time. They should however be kept away from the kitchen area as they are easily flammable and tend to absorb odours.


  • Washing instructions


With so many different types of curtains, there are multiple ways to wash and care for them. To understand the right way to care for your curtain, take a closer look at the care label and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. When dealing with thick and heavy curtains it is recommended that you rely on professional dry-cleaners instead of trying to wash them yourself. Lighter curtains can be washed at home if the right process is followed. 

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