How to keep bed linen fresh at all times!

Your bed is your happy place because it is that one place where we spend a large amount of time. Wrapped in our sheets, the comfort, the warmth and the softness of the fabric is nothing but pure bliss. However, this bliss doesn't last long, because our busy schedule doesn't allow us to launder our bed linens regularly.

This results in unwanted allergies, rashes, and various other skin and respiratory problems. Clean bed linen is important for not only your health but they add to your personal well being too. It improves sleep and makes your space look fresh and neat, which results in you feeling good about the space you inhabit.

This article will highlight the different way you can take care of your bed linen and make it look fresh, clean and happy.

Keep your bed linens smelling fresh every time!

Linens are an expensive fabric and they require special care. As mentioned earlier, your busy schedule makes you forget to send your sheets to dry cleaning and ironing services.

In order to not only keep your bed linens smelling fresh but maintaining their smell here are our recommendations:

  • Religiously change your sheets, at least once a week, as it really assists in maintaining your bed linens smell.
  • Wash your comforter and blanket every 5-6 weeks
  • Wash your mattress pad every 2-3 months.

Although this may sound like a lot, in order to preserve your bed linens and it’s accessories, it is important to establish a regular cleaning routine. One thing that makes this routine relatively simple to follow, is the Spin N Press laundry app. Keep your linens and other bed accessories clean and smelling fresh by simply requesting a pickup for dry cleaning services or laundry services at your desired day time slot from our laundry app. It’s just that simple!

Dry bed cloth completely before storage

Putting damp sheets in the airing cabinet can breed form and smelly scents. Dry your cloth outside to keep them extremely dry.

Hang sheets to dry on a clothesline outside

Daylight is a natural disinfectant and lights up whites. On the off chance that you can, do this each couple months. Due to any reason if the time doesn't allow, tumble dry your sheets with a dryer sheet.

Keep freshly washed sheets and bedding in a dry, cool place.

Keep your bedsheets looking on a par with new, particularly in the event where different colours are included and store far from direct sunlight to abstain from fading.

If you follow these 5 simple tricks with your bed linen then you will have bed sheets and other bed accessories that only last long, but smell fresh!


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