Professional ironing tips you need to know

Ironing is a task almost anyone can do but is difficult to master. Most people have ironing stories where they burnt, warped or smeared a favourite piece of clothing by accident. Today we bring to you secrets straight from the board of professional ironing services to advance your ironing skills.


Before you begin ironing you need to make sure that the iron, ironing board and the clothes are clean. Clothes often get tossed in the laundry without being checked for stains. This can be disastrous as the introduction of heat to a stain can make it permanent. This rule also applies to the iron itself. Make sure that the base plate of your iron is clean before you press it on your precious garments. Test the iron out on a rag to be certain that it is clean. Always use a cover for your ironing board and ensure that the board is clean and free from dust when you set it up.

Use the entire board

Remember to use the entirety of the ironing board to iron your clothes. Use the thinner end to iron near the armholes and get rid of stubborn creases. Clothes that are too long can be placed in the landscape position, thus allowing you to iron the whole thing. Letting the clothes hang over the side and ironing them might lead to the fabric stretching. This is the reason why you should make use of the entire board.

Use the right ironing technique

Different items of clothing require different methods and temperatures to iron. Professional shirt and blouse ironing services know to start with a delicate nylon top and gradually work your way up to wool sweaters. The right way to iron is in long, straight strokes. Avoid wiggling the iron around too much, as this might cause the fabric to stretch. Wiggling the fabric might also create new creases that could be hard to remove without starch.

Once you’re done

Now that we have finished ironing, it is time to think about keeping your clothes crease-free. The two best ways to store your clothes without getting them creased is to hang them up or fold them neatly and place them in your wardrobe. Keep a hanger nearby as you are ironing to have the ability to hang them up immediately.

The clothes you wear represent you. These clothes can be laundered, dry-cleaned, ironed and sent back with just the click of a few buttons. Dry-cleaning apps such as Spin N Press provide dry-cleaning, ironing and even shoe cleaning services to clients. At Spin N Press our clients looking and feeling their absolute best is an absolute priority for us.


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