Simple folding hacks to make more space at home

We all know how to fold our clothes. We learnt it at a young age and have followed the same steps ever since. But are you folding your clothes to optimize space by creating room for extra clothes and other items? With the Spin N Press laundry and dry cleaning app you can get one of the best laundry and dry cleaning services in Mumbai, and with these simple tips you can optimize your space while ensuring that your clothes do not get unnecessary wrinkles.


Let’s begin with the most common item in every household - a T-shirt. Begin by folding your T-shirt in half lengthwise. Next you fold the sleeves in towards the center. Fold in half widthwise with the sleeves tucked inside. And finally fold it in half again. Stack these T-shirts in rows like filing documents in a cabinet. Not only does this method save space by confining all your T-shirts to one cabinet it also allows you to organise them by colour, fit, size or any way you wish. If this seems too tedious, you can always rely on your favourite dry cleaners in Mumbai to send back your laundry cleaned and folded.

To fold trousers and jeans begin by folding it in half, one leg on top of the other. Fold the bottom of the leg to just below the pocket. Now, beginning from the current bottom of the leg fold it up to the pocket. Fold the bottom up one final time and store the pants horizontally in a drawer.

Shirts and blouses can be tricky. But they can both be folded in a similar manner if the dry cleaners price list ever seems to steep. This technique tries to get you space while cutting down on creases. Start by laying the blouse down on its front. Fold one arm inside across the back, then fold the sleeve so that the arm is tucked in. Repeat this process on the other arm. Fold the bottom up towards the top. Fold the top down to cover the rest. Store your shirts and blouses by stacking them neatly on top of each other.

Dresses can be difficult owing to their shape, but with a bit of care you can save quite a lot of space without ever having to worry about wrinkles. Hold the dress by its shoulders and fold it lengthwise. Place it on a flat surface and smooth it out, next fold the side of the arm in to make a rectangle. Fold the bottom section down and the top section up, thus creating a compact dress to put away. To store your dresses you can place them on top of your shirts and blouses as they are compact enough to fit. For very delicate dresses, we suggest using an online laundry service like Spin N Press to avoid any issues.

With these simple instructions you can save yourself a lot of space and also get your clothes and home organized. As you fold all your clothes and find this extra space opening up you can also find old clothes that you have not worn in a while. As a rule of thumb if there is something that you haven’t worn in a year it is better to give it away instead of putting it in the bottom of the drawer to leave for another year. Just as you need to keep buying clothes you also need to give away old clothes so that you always have space for more.


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