asked questions

This sounds expensive. Can I afford Spin N Press?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Spin N Press prides itself in its simplicity and affordability. Our services are strategically priced to offer you premium professional dry cleaning services at affordable rates. If you wish to know more, a price list has been published on the estimate order screen of our mobile application. To know more, download our App.

How do I get in touch with Spin N Press?

If you are registered on our mobile application, you can just drop us a message in the reach us section of the App. If not, you can email us on or whatsapp us on +917506091467.

How do I place an order?

You can whatsapp us on +917506091467 or request a pickup from our App.

What are the types of services offered?

Spin N Press offers Premium Dry Cleaning services, Ironing & Shoe cleaning services. These services apply to all types of home-care and apparel products!

Can I send my carpets to Spin N Press?

Yes! Not only do we have carpet cleaning services, Spin N Press uses its expertise to treat various homecare products such as bed linens, towels, pillow cases etc.

Can Spin N Press clean my accessories?

Yes! Apart from our Ironing, Dry Cleaning & Shoe Cleaning Services, Spin N Press also has Toys cleaning services.

Can I only opt for Ironing services?

Yes! Spin N Press offers a standalone Ironing services as well. You can opt for simply washing & dry cleaning, or ironing or both!

How can I be sure that my garments are being taken care of?

At Spin N Press, we take a keen interest in training our staff and employing world class technology and washing formulas to delicately & thoroughly treat your valuable garments. Our aim is to maintain a hygienic setup and process by treating your fabrics with every bit of professionalism, love and care they deserve.

How do I know if Spin N Press is available in my locality?

You can download our mobile application and use the locate us feature in order to check if you are in a serviceable location. Or you could whatsapp us on 7506091467 to check if your location is eligible for pick-up and delivery.

How do I pay Spin N Press?

Spin N Press has both, a ‘Pay Now’ (via Online Payment) & ‘Pay Later’ (COD) option for our customers on our mobile app.

What are the charges for pickup and delivery services?

Spin N Press has no delivery charge! We deliver your happy clothes to you as good as new at no extra delivery cost!

What is Spin N Press’ cancellation policy?

We appreciate your help in keeping our schedule running efficiently. If you are unavailable at home to give your garments for pick-up, please click the 'Cancel' button on the App itself in the 'Active Orders' tab any time before your garments are picked up.