Transforming Smiles

Into Exciting Rewards

Introducing the brand new Spin N Press Reward Program. The first customer reward and loyalty program in the industry! Ours is a unique reward points program that ensures that you get rewarded for every single order you place on our dry cleaners app. For every 25 rupees spent, you will earn one Spin N Press reward point. The points you accumulate and can then limitlessly be redeemed on future orders.

Easy To Earn And Redeem

Unparalelled Rewards


Begin by downloading the SNP dry cleaners App from either the Apple or Google Play Store.


Once your registration is complete, request a pickup from the dashboard


Sit back, relax and leave the rest to us!


You can now earn Spin N Press reward points on every single order you place on our app!*

Easy To Earn And Redeem

Unparalelled Rewards

Request Pickup

Place an order with us for our dry cleaning, shoe cleaning or ironing services, to earn Spin N Press rewards!


Share your referral code to earn Spin N Press rewards!

Leaving Feedback

Earn Spin N Press rewards every time you leave feedback on the app!

Profile Completion

Complete your profile to earn Spin N Press rewards!

Creating Value

At the click of a button

Begin by placing a pickup request from the Spin N Press app

As you choose your address and timeslot, click on "Redeem in my order" to avail the amazing rewards you have collected so far.

Your order will now have reward points deducted from the total amount! It's just that simple.

We've Got So Much

More Love To Give


Proper love and care is required to make anyone happy, even your clothes. Spin N Press provides starching treatment (if required) for your garments free of cost.

Expert Packaging

Our packaging is designed to evoke happy memories of you opening gifts as a child.

Free Pick-up & Drop-off

Happiness is just a few clicks away with Spin N Press's free collection and delivery service. Simply place an from our dry cleaners app and we will be at your doorstep at your preferred time.

No minumum Order

Regardless of quanitity, we will be at your doorstep.

Expert Cleaner

Our advanced technology and cleaning solutions ensure that your garments are given the love and attention they deserve.

Reward Points

Be rewarded for feeling royal. Earn engaging rewards every time you place an order with us.




To earn the above points, one's order must be a minimum of Rs.500. Only then can they accumulate points on that order's amount spent.


The points can only be accumulated if the order is placed on the app.


Redemption of points can be done only from the app. Minimum 100 points to be redeemed at one time.


One must redeem points (if applicable) before a pickup is completed.


Points will be automatically deducted from your balance on an applicable order value.


No maximum limit for the number of points redeemed on an order.